Justice Fenny Kreel


A bounty hunting free agent who first appeared as an antagonist in the Blade Kitten game.


Justice is an ex special ops, (mostly) human operative who has built up a name for herself as an extremely competent breaker even if she's somewhat bitchy. She mostly works alone except for help from her drone sidekick/butler/floating weapon platform Bosun.



Bosun  (Boatswain H/655)


A personal automated robotic remote operating turret, Bosun operates as Justice's long time companion and confidant... and also a fully portable, artificially intelligent weapons locker.


Bosun is the closest thing that Justice has to a friend and her true affection for him shows through from time to time.



Einer Millione


The Warlord ruler of the frontier trading outpost of Koko La Sol, way out in the Sol Occupied Eastern 35th Sector.


This rotund little member of the Jelf species is a hub of information and excesses. His jovial outer appearance hides a reckless disregard for any life that won't help him turn a profit.

Skarra Boc


Actually we know very little about her... nobody does. There are rumours that her species doesn't even exist and that she's some genetically engineered life form. All we know is if you pay her enough she's very dangerous and if you don't pay her enough she's even MORE dangerous.

Sun Dae


(so͞on dā), A wannabe space pirate and con woman Dae is one of the few Lepumyr that have travelled from the warrens of Takobun 3. This bunny girl is not to be trusted!


Space Captain Steve

Blade Kitten

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